Hello, I'm Kevin!

I'm currently a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania studying computer science and minoring in statistics. I really enjoy programming because I love the process of building and experimenting with new tech. I'm interested in software engineering and am always excited about opportunities to learn more.

I am currently developing business intelligence related software for Wex Inc. as a Software Engineering Intern. Specifically, I work on the Wex Health Cloud, which is a cloud-based healthcare account platform. I mainly work on analytics dashboards in the administrator and employer portals using C#/.NET and Angular.

Additionally, I'm a backend engineer on the OHQ team at Penn Labs. Penn Labs is an organization that develops software to improve the lives of students at Penn!

In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, taking long bike rides, and chilling with my friends. On this website, I talk about interesting experiences and cool things I've built.